Self-funded Project Financing

Our one-of-a-kind pricing structure sets us apart.

Steppe Energy utilizes a one-of-its-kind pricing structure with which we will finance all of the costs and take on all responsibilities to route, design and build your RNG pipeline to the interconnect.

No cost to your CAPEX

Developing and maintaining RNG midstream infrastructure requires substantial capital investment. By partnering with a third-party provider like Steppe, developers can avoid all upfront capital expenditures. Our no CAPEX model allows developers to access the necessary infrastructure without the burden of significant financial commitments.

The financial strength and expertise to succeed

Our team has the extensive expertise and financial strength to deliver industry-leading solutions at every step of planning, design, construction and operation of RNG laterals.

Funding the soft and hard costs of construction

Steppe handles all aspects of financing the construction of RNG laterals, from the hard costs materials and labor to the soft costs of items like permitting fees.

Project Spotlight

Landfill RNG Project

Kansas City, KS

Steppe Energy Group, LLC is working with a leading Renewable Natural Gas developer to transport up to 8,000 MMBTU of RNG per day.

Under this 20-year agreement, Steppe will provide the critical pipeline infrastructure necessary to eliminate 164 MCF of methane from entering the atmosphere annually.

Through its subsidiary, Steppe RNG Midstream, Steppe will own and operate the 2 mile, 6-inch diameter steel pipeline per DOT and the State of Kansas standards while maintaining regulatory compliance through the life of the asset.

Steppe Scope

The scope of work for the project includes:

  • Finance of the project
  • Engineering, design and procurement
  • Construction of 2-mile lateral from RNG from the production facility to interconnect with local distribution company.

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