Connecting your RNG to the Marketplace.

Steppe Energy is an industry-leading midstream provider.

Steppe Energy is the only midstream provider that will finance, design, build and operate your connection to the energy market — at no cost to your CAPEX. We help RNG developers focus on production by removing all financial, liability, ownership, compliance, and operational responsibilities from pipeline connects.

Our industry-leading approach delivers value to RNG developers

Steppe 1

Self-Funded Project Financing

Our no CAPEX model allows RNG developers to access the necessary infrastructure without the burden of significant financial commitments.

Steppe 2

Full Service Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Our extensive expertise in the design, construction and operation of RNG laterals can significantly increase speed-to-market of RNG offtake.

Steppe 3

Asset Ownership & Operation

As the owner and operator of RNG lateral assets, we help free up valuable time and resources for RNG developers to focus on production.

A proven track record of success for RNG developers.

We are proud to partner with RNG developers from farms, landfills and municipal waste sources.

Project Highlight


Fort Wayne, IN
A long-term agreement to transport up to 5000 MMBTU of RNG from a Fort Wayne landfill to anRNG facility.

Finance, design, procure, construct, own, operate and maintain a 3.9 mile pipeline from production facility to interconnect.

Project Highlight

Dairy Farm

Delco, ID
A long-term agreement to transport up to 3029 MMBTU of RNG.

Perform right-of-way acquisition, permitting, design, EPC, own, operate and maintain a 13.9-mile, transmission line.

Project Highlight

Landfill RNG Project

Kansas City, KS
Steppe Energy Group, LLC is working with a leading Renewable Natural Gas developer to transport up to 8,000 MMBTU of RNG per day.

Construction of 2-mile lateral from RNG from the production facility to interconnect with local distribution company.

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